About Us

Two Sisters Who Design
Daughter-in-law + Mother-in-law living in northeast Oklahoma
Like many others, our dream to start an online, home business evolved over the past few years due to COVID. I love to design, but it has been a learning experience. Rocio is the creative one and blends her unique skills to fringe and many more styles. Both of our strengths make a perfect team.

We took a leap of faith, and started 2SistersWhoDesign in 2022. We have lots to learn, but we welcome the challenges. We love creating funny, trendy {and a little bit sarcastic!} sublimation designs and shirts and know you’ll love what we offer! Send us a message with any questions!


Angela Barnes - Co-Owner

Angela Barnes
Hello! 👋 My daughter in law and I are girls living in Northeast Oklahoma. I love to graphic design and Rocio loves to be challenged with fringe styles and many more creative ways. We have blended our passions to share with others.

Rocio Barnes - Co-Owner

Rocio is a trend-setter in fashion. She grew up in Guatemala where she learned the art of fringe-details. She is a mother to two wonderful children. She is the go-to for creative advice.